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    Dr. Spina deserves more eloquent accolades than mere human language can provide. Brilliant! He is a spark of magic from the universe.
    My story includes several years of bizarre and unexplainable symptoms. A whole bunch of pain. Like so bad, I’d go hide to cry cuz I couldn’t make sense of it to myself, and certainly couldn’t convey such nonsense to anyone else. It hurts Here, now There? Why did my toe just drag on the ground? Why is my palm on fire? My fingers just let go of that glass? Seriously? I can’t pick up that skillet to drain the pan? Whoa! What was that lightening strike down my arm? My neck? OMG. Side of my face headaches? I just about tipped over picking up my grandchild? I’m getting old really fast. I’m almost dangerous. This SUX.

    I told my GP “my neck hurts”. He gave me a funny look n did some poking around. He suggested an X-ray, then paused n asked if I’d ever had an MRI. Nope, but I honestly think I need one.
    8 am following the MRI - his office called n said I needed a surgeon IMMEDIATELY. They had a referral. No way will my family let that guy touch me. Then I learned my daughter -in -laws sister works for the orthopedic group in Farmington and they are the VERY BEST. Well. That is the truth!
    I met with Dr. Burnham first, hoping for a non surgical solution. He read the MRI report and said i am only the second person in his entire practice that he would send to a surgeon immediately. He did. And that’s how I got lucky enuf to meet: Dr. Spina.

    Dr. Spina is a blended perfection of confidence and unpretentious. He listened, understood, and validated every single bizarre thing I described. Surgery date was set at the University of Utah Hospital. He did an ACDF. He cut thru the front of my throat. He replaced three cervical discs. He secured four plates with 8 screws. He cleaned out the osteoarthritis everywhere he could. He sent me home wearing a hard brace continuously for 6 weeks. At 12 weeks I began physical therapy. I am FINE now! He FIXED it! I am n shock n awe.
    If you need a spine surgeon, PLEASE let him help you.
    He is the VERY BEST.

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