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  • After three previous surgeries and getting worse ( limping, walking with a cane and in constant pain) Dr. Spina lll operated on me on last time - I am still recuperating but I feel almost no pain,
    I’m not limping any more and I’m able to stand up straight! Three out of three is better than I dared to hope after the fourth surgery. Thank you, Dr. Spina!
  • Dr. Spina is a miracle worker! His colleague, Dr. Monsoon (himself a worker of miracles), made the connection for me. The pain is gone.
    That facility and the staff are so good that I will never go anywhere else. For anything.
  • I have been in atrocious pain for nearly two decades from a previous back fusion with another Dr and hospital. That surgery caused me to have an above knee amputation 7 years ago. I love the UofU hospital and won't go anywhere else for care. Dr Spina has performed the perfect Lumbar fusion, which relieved 100% of my nerve pain of the legs, buttocks, and hips. I couldn't be more grateful to Dr Spina and staff. Thank you.
  • Dr. Spina deserves more eloquent accolades than mere human language can provide. Brilliant! He is a spark of magic from the universe.
    My story includes several years of bizarre and unexplainable symptoms. A whole bunch of pain. Like so bad, I’d go hide to cry cuz I couldn’t make sense of it to myself, and certainly couldn’t convey such nonsense to anyone else. It hurts Here, now There? Why did my toe just drag on the ground? Why is my palm on fire? My fingers just let go of that glass? Seriously? I can’t pick up that skillet to drain the pan? Whoa! What was that lightening strike down my arm? My neck? OMG. Side of my face headaches? I just about tipped over picking up my grandchild? I’m getting old really fast. I’m almost dangerous. This SUX.

    I told my GP “my neck hurts”. He gave me a funny look n did some poking around. He suggested an X-ray, then paused n asked if I’d ever had an MRI. Nope, but I honestly think I need one....
  • Dr Spina explains everything really good there when you have any concerns to answer if you have any questions he’s a great surgeon, I couldn’t thank Dr Spina enough I didn’t know if if my back would have been able to be fixed but he made it happen and I’m very happy with ending results I can walk taller and happier than ever with the out come thank you!
  • I was referred to Dr. Spina by one of his colleagues at the UW Hip & Knee Center. My experience was positive from beginning to end. I can't say enough good things about UW Medicine and, especially, Dr. Spina.

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