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  • Dr Spina is the best physician I've had for my spine. He is cautious and reserved with treatment and expectations for the patient. Yet when it was time for surgery, what he was able to do with my neck and severe pain more than exceeded any expectation I had. I highly recommend Dr Spina for his expertise as an Orthopedic Surgeon.
  • Dr Spina is very personable and confident. I'm comfortable talking to him..
  • Dr. Spina is always professional, listens and explains everything very well and I have recommended him to others.
  • Dr Spina has such an amazing bedside manner and cares about his patients. All the things I have learned about him since he always took my medical problems in to account and carefully checked all aspect's of my lung and heart issues and took them into account as he calculated what could and couldn"t be done on my back. He is truely talented in his field and I felt I made the best decision on doctors as possible! He is a master and I would recommend him to everyone I know that needs back surgery and I already have several times.
  • I cannot thank Dr Spina enough he was informative, fair with his information, and most importantly he did not beat around the bush. When I came to him I didn't know if I'd be able to walk again and neither did he and he let me know as such the risks of my surgery but I believe that had any other doctor done my surgery I would not be in the position I am today which is upright walking and with minimal pain. I know those are extraordinary results but I credit it all to him and his staff. Furthermore post surgery he has been punctual with his follow-ups and helpful with my concerns and questions. I would recommend him for anyone able to travel to Utah. God bless him
  • Considering all of the problems my body has experienced over the last two years, he has a lot to think about and do for me. I believe in Dr. Spina.

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