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  • Dr. Spina is not only an excellent physician and surgeon but just an overall amazing human being. Making the decision to see Dr. Spina and trust him to do surgery completed changed my life. Dr. Spina cares about his patients and is incredibly intelligent and friendly. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
  • Dr. Spina is great. Excellent bedside manner. Excellent at explaining what is going on.
  • Dr Spina is great! He and his PA make me feel like they really care.
  • Dr. Spina took the time to teach me exactly what the problems were and make sure I understood my options.
  • Dr Spina is an excellent doctor. I would certainly recommend him to anyone. He takes the time needed with me and is genuinely concerned for my welfare.
  • Great Doctor! I herniated my disk in my neck and went to Dr Spina. Although, he is a surgeon, he prescribed physical theropy first to avoid unnecessary surgery. Its proving to show that was correct diagnoses! Highly recommend!

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